Improvising Social Media Strategy For 2019

The role of social media strategy manager is one of the most demanded jobs and is hugely rewarding at present context. With the fast growing social media networks, there is no doubt that it’s very important to update and upgrade your strategy in alignment with the latest trends and shifts.

Here are some few things responsible for strategizing your skills relevant to the evolving digital landscapes.

Reviewing Your Current Use of Social Media Networks

Reviewing your status often is the first and foremost factor that helps you in improvising your social media strategy. You require an outsider’s perspective too to analyze your work in complete manner. You need to properly analyze the social media networks you are currently working on and if they are relevant to your brand goals or not. You need to research which networks are driving the most relevant traffic and which networks is a waste of time.

You need to give up on the time wasting networks even if you have worked hard on it in the past and concentrate on the trending ones and use their features to your advantage.

There are few things to find out which networks you should actually spend your time on which are listed below:

  • You can do a survey directly or via social media posts to track the flow of traffic in various networks.
  • You need to focus on the networks giving you the best results and check where your competition is more active.
  • You need to find which network aligns with the type of content you are creating or have the capacity to create.
  • You need to determine the changes you need to make on time.

Optimizing Your Social Media Networks

Creating a good social media bio and optimizing your social media networks and profile is another major factor to properly strategize your goals. You need to make sure that your profile is up to date and also includes keywords. Making sure that any links in your bio are relevant and working is also important as well.

These are the basic staples of social media networking which are often overlooked.

Setting Up Your Content Schedule

Content Schedule helps you the consistency and retention, as well as assisting with content gaps and figuring out what your audience actually needs. This helps you ensure what content you need to post and at what time.

Content scheduling helps you create your social media strategy that is best for business as you can easily figure out what your core social media schedule looks like.

Adding Video Content

Adding videos to your contents helps you improvise your social media strategy with no doubt. There will be stronger emphasis on videos in coming year, 2019 regarding the trends of 2018. One of the factors can be the difficulties you need to face while making into your follower’s feed nowadays. Stories on networks like Instagram are easy to go through as they are short and sit at the top of the homepage.

Video content also enables you to provide deeper content which is easy to perceive and gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience better.

Identifying Your Future Goals

As soon as you decide what social media networks you need to keep up with, you need to take some time to identify and set your goals ahead. You also need to take on account the analytics you have made in the past.

Your goals don’t have to be super complicated and intended for a long period of time. Goals can be like posting certain times a week or driving more downloads from social media. The important thing is that you need to adapt to the progressive nature of the network you are working on. It is also very important to set realistic and achievable goals which at the same time can bring out the best in you.

Hopefully, the above mentioned factors will help you improve your social media strategy in coming future or at least prompt some relevant reminders of key elements you may have overlooked in your past.

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