4 simple ways to help you to stop forgetting things

Normally we all forget thing as we get older but nowadays not only older people forget things. Teenagers, younger’s have also same problems because of stress, depression, blood pressure etc. As we grow older we lost our memory power that is called Age Associated Memory Impairment and one of the main reason for memory loss is Dementia. Dementia is a symptom not a disease. Its caused by other disease like Alzheimer, Vascular etc

4 simple ways to help you to stop forgetting things

Healthy diet :

In daily life we have no time for healthy food because of study, works or daily activities. We eat junk foods that is unhealthy  for our body. So we have to avoid junk foods and include some vitamins and minerals rich foods in your daily diet. This kind of diet maintains normal blood pressure or cholesterol .

Exercises and other stress reduction programs

Stress can access forgetfulness, not getting complete sleep can increase your ability to remember things. Sleep enough time and do some exercise for your brain. It be helps to decrease tension and improve your memory power.

Mark Zuckerberg needs to run 365 miles this year

Set an alarm or Reminder :

Are you feeling guilty of saying that you are going to do something or somewhere and you forgot, it feels a shame. we all have reminder or alarm clock on our own mobile phones, so we can use them easily to remind yourself, set alarm clock and do anything as well as go anywhere in time.

alarm clock

Spend time with people you love or respect

Enjoy the every moments and stop negative thoughts. Stay far from peoples with negatie thoughts and Spend time with good peoples. Try to accept every negative moment positive and accept that you can’t change .

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You can easily follow this steps and try to remember thing, do some stress reduction exercise and meditation, avoid junk foods, changes in the environment, stop alcohol and drug, take some suggestion from doctor and check your blood pressure, thyroid and cholesterol. Stop negative thinking , trust yourself and be happy always.

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