Facts about noisy computer

If you have an old PC and the noise produced by fans is generally due to dust. Cleaning the fan will help cut down on the noise generated and improve the performance of your PC. What you will need depends on your case, your own personal preferences and your hardware, so we’ll go through each step separately to easily  help you put together the perfect cooling system.

Noisy Fan

Removing Dust from the Computer Fan and heat sinks:

  • If your PC is old, then it’s built up some dust on the heat sinks and fans, which will make it run hotter.
  • Some PC  heat sinks also contain a fan to help with keeping the PC processor cool.
  • Before you try to clean the fan in your computer first save your work or file. Once you saved your file then shut down your PC.
  • Always unplug your PC from the electric socket before attempting to open its case.
  •  Once you are finished cleaning the PC fans after that check for dust in other areas such as on graphic cards, network cards, ports, memory sticks, and when you are finished, cleaning these inner devices and you can use a vacuum to gently throw out the dust.

fan dust cleaning

Short tips:

  • Before you do anything else, make sure your PC is dust-free and clean.
  • A quite PC is a happy PC.
  • Inside most computers is a radiator called a heat sink.
  • Don’t use your laptop on a lap or a bed.
  •  You just need a small screwdriver to open the laptop or PC.
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